Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm here.

After seven weeks of butt-crunchingly chaotic (but pleasurable :)) adventures in Korea, I've finally arrived in Beijing for what is supposed to be my crowning achievement this summer.

As of this moment I've been in Beijing for a little under 24 hours but I've already had multiple adventures attempting to use my broken Chinese. I've managed to acquire a few of the necessities I left behind, namely shampoo and conditioner, at what I hope is a reasonable price. Oh and I've also purchased a cell phone for 180 Yuan which is approximately $26.50. Interestingly, you're allowed to pick your own cell number and the price of the number varies depending on what numbers are in your number. Comprende? Just kidding. Apparently in China a number with a lot of 4s is bad and denotes lower social status. The Chinese word for 4 sounds awfully similar to the Chinese word for death. From looking at the numbers I've determined that 3 is a lucky number here. I'm not sure about the others.

Also, another piece of social commentary - the International Terminal in Beijing Airport also accepts flights from HK, Macao, and Taiwan, however instead of just saying "International Terminal" they have "Intl&HK/Macao/Taiwan Terminal." Interesting interesting...

Well that's all for now folks!

My Room. I have a roommate. Her name is Ewon. I'm not sure about the spelling.

My Second Meal in China. The big dish is Lajiding (Spicy fried chicken). They use every part of the chicken.

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